Friday, June 09, 2006

Catching Up

I want to apologize for the scant posting of late. I recently got two freelance gigs that are both rush jobs due the last week of June, and I have been working on those pretty much every free moment. Plus Blogger's been down for a couple of days and wreaking havoc across the blogosphere, so that hasn't helped. Also, um, let's see ... the moon was in my eyes and, er, I had vicious bone cramps and ... well. Clearly, I just suck, I am sorry.

So I figured I'd catch up here with some quick updates.

  • One of the two freelance gigs is with a major comic-book icon, and I am so thrilled I can barely contain myself. I can't say anything officially until it's launched, unfortunately, but it's pretty cool.

  • The fledglings in our porch nest have taken flight! They tumbled out of their nest and into the air. At last report the parents still have their dive-bombs ready to fly, but hope not to have to unleash them for some time. Even Annie's annoyed by now.

  • It hit 100 degrees here yesterday and there's no end in sight. Wonderful. My "You don't have to shovel heat off your car in the morning" excuse for not moving to the Great White North is looking lamer every day.

  • The great "Is that donkey pregnant or not?" debate rages on, but no donkey babies yet. We've got our fingers crossed.

  • We have a new niece! Annie's brother Billy had a beautiful baby girl a few weeks ago and we trucked into Austin for a viewing.

  • My birthday was on June 1, and in addition the the great support of my immediate family (thanks y'all!) I was particularly touched by contacts from my Aunt Bev and Uncle Jim in New York, Aunt Claudia and Uncle Howard in Lake Charles (Louisiana), and my nephew Jason. It was as sweet as it was unexpected to hear from them, it really made my week.

I'll try to post something more substantive this week when my eyes uncross from staring too long at the computer monitor working on the projects.

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The Cow Whisperer said...

Well, Happy Birthday then. Sorry this is late.

I've not blogged in months.