Thursday, March 30, 2006

Mo 75

When Annie and I were trying to design our house, we spent a fair amount of time driving around neighborhoods, looking at features we might want to incorporate into our new country home. On one such trip we were cruising down a very long hill in a freshly-paved brand-spanking-new subdivision.

"Oh, that's awful," Annie said from the driver's seat. "Some gang has already been through here and 'tagged' the place, and it's just been put up!"

I was a little distracted because I was trying to figure out how we missed the house we were trying to find, and attempting to decipher the completely obscure map we'd been given. "What do you mean, it's been tagged?"

"You know, they came through with their spray paint and marked it all up. There's a big white gang name right there in the middle of the road, I can't quite figure out what it is ... hmmm ... I think it's something like Mo ... Yeah, Mo 75."

"That's nice dear," I replied vaguely. What the heck is that squiggly line on the stupid map?

"I guess Mo must be the gang leader. I don't know what 75 would be though, that's odd."

"Maybe it's the year he graduated or something, or they have 75 members. I dunno." Ah to heck with it! I folded up the map and surrendered, finally looking up. We were at the top of the hill now, and facing a dead end. "Guess we better turn around and head back," I said.

She turned us around and soon we were headed back in the opposite direction from which we'd come. Finally looking now, I saw the white spray-paint in the middle of the road she'd talked about, though of course now I was seeing it upside-down from where she had. It sure looked regular -- this was one neat gang.

And then it hit me.

"Mo 75 ... MO 75 ... MO75 ... SLOW? You mean that giant white 'SLOW' painted on the road!? That's your gang tag?!" And we both dissolved into a fit of laughter that we still haven't quite recovered from.

That darn highway department is just RIFE with gang activity, we see that bastard Mo's tag all over the place now.

Annie's "Mo 75" Gang Sign:

From a different perspective:


TexasAnnie said...

oh no, you actually told that story! I broke the digital camera just so you couldn't take a photo of the SLOW paint and you were too clever and got it anyhow. Just don't tell everyone that I somehow called you Jack the other night at a dinner party! I don't even know a Jack. Well I do know Jack Daniels and come to think of it maybe he is directly responsible for my blonde moments.

Denise said...

Leann -- this is absolutely one of the funniest things I've ever heard and seen!!! I know Jeff told you the "nerve" story --

Mom and Dad were driving, and suddenly a car pulled out in front of them (or something like that). Dad said, "That's some nerve." And Mom replied, "Nerve who?"

You DEFINITELY fit into the Hebert clan!!

annie'sbuddie said...

what about Jack the donk?
great story...maybe you're just another einstein who can read upside down & backwards...or a ginger rogers who could do all the moves fred could do backwards & in high heels (boots of course!)