Friday, March 24, 2006

Cry Havoc! And release the dogs of WAR!

It has begun.

Already I have a message on my cell phone from one sibling taunting "The Cow Whisperer", a commenter on this site, for being oh-so-wrong about LSU's chances against Duke. In his defense, Whisperer called last night in the last seconds of the game giving props to the Tigers as Duke left the court.

I think it's going to be an interesting two days, and by interesting I mean "Nasty Vicious Ugly Trash-Talking Old School No Mercy Tauntage".

I can't wait! Saturday, March 24, 2006, Atlanta, Georgia, University of Texas Longhorns versus the Louisiana State Tigers in the NCAA Elite Eight.

Bring it on, baby!


JimmyMac said...

Consider it brought, baby!
This has all the makings for a great game. Texas has had a good season and has beaten some worthy opponents.
I think it will be a close game - I'll say LSU 95 - Texas 38

annie'sbuddie said...

Well if it can't be the Vols or the Ags I have to hang with those bigxss Cajun cats...they know how to have a good time!
My 2 all time favorite teams are whoever is playing Texas or the Dallas Cowboys.

Jeff Hebert said...

Good post, Annie'sBuddie! And you're banned from this blog forever.

Just kidding!

Although after Dallas signed Terrell Owens I might have to join you on the anti-Cowboy bandwagon. Geez I hate that guy.

annie'sbuddie said...

mea culpa, but i have always enjoyed watching tiger fans at whatever sporting event their team is playing. it's just too much fun - maye because they don't seem to take themselves too seriously.
i will admit to being a fan of the lady horns bball long as they aren't playing pat & my lady vols! roll over rutgers.