Saturday, March 25, 2006

It's Over

LSU beat Texas today, so the Longhorns are out of the tournament. Feh. I'll be grumpy and mean-spirited for the rest of the day and a few hours tomorrow and then hopefully I'll get over it and can start supporting the Tigers in the Final Four.

I hate that I am so typically male about these things. I was stomping around slamming doors with a black cloud over my head for two hours after the final buzzer sounded. Did you know that murder rates spike in cities where the home team loses a big game? What a messed up gender we men are sometimes.

I'd wax philosophical about the whole man-sports-violence thing but I think instead I'll just go kick something.

Double feh.


Paul said...

Some guy parked really stupid at the restaurant the family went out to. Dad looked at the car and said 'Must be a Texan..."

Jeff Hebert said...

That's strange, because in Texas, having a Louisiana license plate allows you to park in handicapped spots ...

The Cow Whisperer said...

Suck monkey! I cannot believe we lost to a team that should have lost to aTm.

What the hell is in that etoufee over there? I mean, how many Shaq's can one state produce?