Thursday, June 29, 2006

DC Flooding

From an MSNBC article about flooding in DC and Maryland:

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. - Floodwaters rose in town after town along the upper Delaware River on Thursday, threatening thousands of homes and businesses along the border between New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Do these people not know they are living next to a river? Who told them to build there? And a levee, please! I mean come on, it's not like someone forced these people to live next to a raging body of water in a state well known to have rain. And to make things worse, they're right up next to the Atlantic Ocean! Get real, that's nothing but a huge reservoir of water just waiting to flood them out.

Why should we, the rest of the nation smart enough not to build next to rivers and oceans in a rain-plagued state, have to pony up any money or caring for these idiots? I say, let them drown, it's their own damn fault!

This message brought to you by the New Orleans Chapter of Irony, Inc.

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