Monday, October 22, 2007

Another Failure

Great, here's yet another way in which my World of Warcraft character is superior to me:

If that's not clear, it says "Tip: Your character can eat and drink at the same time." At the same time! I know I can't handle a crossbow like he can, but now this? How many more ways can I be inferior to that stupid digital guy?!


Allen said...


A little while ago I discovered that my Second Life character is seven and a half feet tall. Turns out that's not especially tall -- everyone (and everything) else in SL is oversized. But in real life I'm... not very tall.

Also, I can fly. How cool is that?

Jeff Hebert said...

Wait, you can fly in real life or Second Life?

All right, Allen, you've won me over. I'm downloading Second Life now. If the rest of you don't see me for a few months, go blame Allen.

Allen said...

Oh... dear. What have I done?