Thursday, May 10, 2007

Spring Showers and Rainbows

One of those glorious, short May showers just blew through this afternoon, leaving in its wake startling blue skies and a spectacular double rainbow. I took some photos that I think came out great, and wanted to share them with you. This is the kind of view you just can't get anywhere else but the country.

This was taken from our back porch. If you look closely you can see the faint double-rainbow over the main one. Just an amazing sight, especially with our back yard full of Texas wildflowers.

Radar the border collie looks back at the amazing colors in the sky. I bet he thinks the clouds look like sheep.

Jillkey the donkey gets into Spring a little too much -- note the hay garland she's made for herself around her neck.

My own special honey-pot at the end of the rainbow!

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Anonymous said...

pretty pictures!! did annie darken her hair? my eyes may be failing me.