Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Hog Wild on Iron Man

Apparently I have something of an "Iron Man" obsession, because this is the second random drawing of him I've done lately (here's the other one).

I actually had a drawing of a guy on a motorcycle shooting a gun, and as I was coloring it slowly morphed into Iron Man on a motorcycle shooting a gun. Why is Iron Man riding a motorcycle instead of using his flight boots? Why is he shooting a gun instead of using his repulsor beams? Because it's cool, that's why. If that's enough of a justification for a multi-million dollar load of codswallop like "Civil War" then it's good enough for this lowly blog, chum.

As you can see it's only half colored. I'm not sure whether I am going to finish it or not; it's taking quite a bit of time and I'm not sure it's sufficiently fun to complete. Maybe if someone can give me a good reason why Iron Man should be on a BMW motorcycle I'll get motivated.


Allen said...

Why should Iron Man be on a BMW? Maybe he likes that anti-dive suspension. It would certainly make aiming easier. ;-)

At least he remembered to don a helmet. Safety first.

David M said...

EMP or short circuit. Probably short circuit that only affected certain aspects of the suit. He still has life support for breathing and such, but the boots and blasts - knocked out.
Or, even better (IMHO), nanotech insect eating its way through the various systems of his suit. Planted in his suit by the off-stage villain at whom he is currently shooting.
And the BMW? What other sort of bike would you expect him to own?

Anonymous said...

He's on a BMW because he's using a Glock pistol. DUH! If he had a Colt he'd be on a Harley. Sheeesh.

John said...

Iron Man is on a bike 'cause he's "Transformer" Iron Man. You've caught him mid-transformation, from human to vehicle form. Like, duh!