Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Downey As Ironman

I kept thinking about Robert Downey in the role of Iron Man, so I put together this composite image of what that might look like, as interpreted by a watercolorist.


Anonymous said...

You've got that "Erroll Flynn" mystique going here, but there's only liquor on the counter, not cocaine -- poor guy. Very nice, Jeff, very nice! How did you create that effect?? Your sister!

Jeff Hebert said...

Thanks Denise, appreciate that. The liquor is there because that's always been Tony Stark's nemesis -- from the beginning his big problem was that he was an alcoholic, something that's stayed relatively constant throughout his many incarnations. Granted, Robert Downey got into some of the harder stuff, but since the Iron Man armor never has had a nose-slit, I figured there wouldn't be a way to snort anything :-)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha!!! I remember you had that Iron Man guy that my kids inherited and played with for years. I didn't know that about Tony Stark. Now I know one more thing for Trivial Pursuit! I really do like that portrait, Jeff.