Monday, October 09, 2006

Letter from Iraq

A great letter from a Marine in Iraq has been making its rounds of the Internet. I'd encourage you to read the whole thing, not just excerpts from whatever organization is pushing them (with their own unspoken agendas for which bits they publish versus which they don't). The one that made me laugh out loud was this:

Best Chuck Norris Moment - 13 May. Bad Guys arrived at the government center in the small town of Kubaysah to kidnap the town mayor, since they have a problem with any form of government that does not include regular beheadings and women wearing burqahs. There were seven of them. As they brought the mayor out to put him in a pick-up truck to take him off to be beheaded (on video, as usual), one of the bad Guys put down his machinegun so that he could tie the mayor's hands. The mayor took the opportunity to pick up the machinegun and drill five of the Bad Guys. The other two ran away. One of the dead Bad Guys was on our top twenty wanted list. Like they say, you can't fight City Hall.

The complete text of the letter is here. Once again, hats off to all of the men and women in our exceptional armed forces for the great job they're doing in the face of incredible adversity, and for the unbelievable sacrifices they make for all of us civilians back home. Thank you, one and all.

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Anonymous said...

Chuck Norris jokes abound among the teen-age set of boys. "Chuck Norris doesn't floss his teeth with dental floss; he uses steel wool." "Chuck Norris was once walking down the street and a blind man bumped into him and Chuck Norris proclaimed, 'Hey watch where you're going, I'm Chuck Norris.' At the mere mention of the name, the blind man regained his sight. Sadly, the first, last and only thing the blind man ever saw was a roundhouse kick coming at his head." Apparently, Chuck Norris is the ultimate "KYA" guy, and the college crowd just loves Chuck Norris roundhouse kick jokes. Now, we got a machine-gun totin mayor with the real family cahonies. -- Denise