Monday, October 30, 2006

Motivational Posters

I found a really cool web page that lets you build motivational posters -- you know, the kind of thing you see hanging on the walls at work that are supposed to inspire you to forget that you work in a dead-end hellhole contributing nothing to society. Here's what I came up with for animal rescue, using the incredibly cute photo Annie took last weekend of Blackie:

(click for a larger view)

Over the weekend, two of the dogs we're fostering found new homes.
One I didn't mention before, Lefty (hence the names Pancho and Lefty, from the Willie Nelson song), who I thought would be the hardest to place. But a really nice family from Austin just lost their long-term pet terrier to cancer, and Lefty struck a chord with them.

The other was Whitey, one of the three puppies I posted about on Friday. Two young women who attend college around here were looking for a pet, and wanted to rescue one rather than go to a breeder or whatnot. They met Annie at the kennel housing the puppies and dithered about which one to take, as they are all so cute. Finally one of them said "You know, I bet Whitey will the hardest to adopt out, since she's so energetic. So we'll take her." I thought that was the nicest thing; those women had great hearts and a compassionate spirit, and they're truly angels for little Whitey.

We've still got four fosters at the house: Brownie and Blackie (the two other pups in that litter); Jackson (a big ol' black German shepherd who's super sweet); and of course Pancho, the little brown terrier. Hopefully they'll all find great homes soon, but all in all it was still a great weekend for animal rescue.

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