Tuesday, July 10, 2007


One of the ScienceBloggers has a tremendously moving account of his father's death posted today. It brought tears to my eyes. I can still hear that horrible moan my dad let out just after he slipped into unconsciousness there on his bed in my mother's house. Losing a parent is a wrenching experience and my heart goes out to the author and his family.

The post is well worth a read, but have a tissue handy.


Anonymous said...

This is really touching. I will never forget that night with Pop and the same happened with me when my Mom died. It's never an easy thing. My heart is with your friend after being there myself.


Anonymous said...

Those words from Ender's Game are right on the money. When we leave this world, what have we left behind? If we're remembered with kindness and compassion, love and understanding for our faults and our virtues, if we've made our corner of the world a better, happier and more harmonious place -- which often spills out into corners beyond ours -- if we have loved the people in our lives with every molecule in our souls and every intake of breath, if we can say we did our best, enjoyed a sunrise and a sunset, took time to walk barefoot in the ocean, took time to read a child a bedtime book and forgave others their trespasses, hoping against hope they forgive us ours, then I think we can close our eyes with a clear conscience. And if those we love remember us with a smile and a desire to pass on the simple things that mean so very much, then we have passed this way in a good manner. -- Denise