Sunday, July 29, 2007

Singin' in the Gay

I'm pretty sure I'm not gay, but after watching "Singing in the Rain" again tonight, I'm starting to wonder. Is it normal to find yourself thinking "Damn that Gene Kelly is a good-looking, great-dancing, stud-muffin of a singer"? I definitely shouldn't have gotten weepy at the end -- again -- especially when I've seen the movie a dozen times before. I think I better go hack down a tree or shoot a deer or something, quick, before they revoke my man card for good this time.

I did have one major revelation while watching it, though. I've never done drugs, but I'm pretty sure if I ever do, I want to watch the "Broadway Melody" sequence during it. I feel reasonably certain that acid is the only thing that can make sense of that number.

Finally, I think this routine from Donald O'Connor not only is the best thing in picture, but pretty much sums up my entire approach to life. Enjoy.


John said...

what, your entire approach to life involves flopping around on the floor like a deranged mental patient? that I think of it, that's true!

(nyuk nyuk nyuk)

John said... all seriousness, though. That really is a remarkable performance. I love watching clips from that era of film. These guys were basically stage performers who were being captured on that new-fangled camera thingie. They were absolutely bursting with talent. Which is more than you can say for the current crop of Hollywood weenies who couldn't hold a candle to the kind of talent Kelly and O'Connor had in their little finger. Ah, for the days of real "talented performers."

Jeff Hebert said...

You know, I was thinking just that while watching the movie. Those guys had so much talent, in so many ways. Where could they go to use all those gifts in today's entertainment world? There's just no call for an actor who can sing, dance, AND act. All that seems to matter is how hot they are in a swimsuit.

On "American Idol", the judges often use "You'd be great for Broadway" as an insult, but in this movie just look at how talented you had to be to make it there.

I hate being one of those "Back in my day" kinds of guys, but this movie was WAY before my time, so I don't feel bad saying it.

One final aside, supposedly Donald O'Conner exhausted himself while filming this scene and had to be hospitalized for a week to recover. Unfortunately the original footage was destroyed, and he had to re-shoot the entire sequence. Bummer.

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite scenes from that movie, aside from the fabulous "Singing in the Rain" segment by Kelly. Debbie Reynolds was 18 when she made the film, and she said her feet bled every night when she came home, they practiced so much. The first scene she shot was that "Good Morning" scene. Watch that and know that girl did that incredible singing and dancing with her feet in bandages. Now that's a tough broad! -- Denise