Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I bet this is something you rarely find in the city -- our neighbor kidnapped a road.

If you use Google Maps to find our place, it shows Nordic Ridge Road hitting County Road 252. Which is odd, since if you actually drive on CR252, all you see at that supposed intersection is our neighbor's gate. I thought that was strange, until I finally realized that our neighbor simply gated off most of the road and declared it his driveway.

I used to think if you nailed something down it couldn't be stolen, but I never figured on how big cajones are in Nerd Country.


Jimmy Mac said...

I've represented a number of people who have had a neighbor block off a driveway or private road, but never one who blocked off a public road! That's pretty gutsy (& probably illegal).
Let me know if you need my services. My fees will be cheap, but my travel expenses could be costly.

John said...

"roadnapping" = "kidnapping a road," as opposed to "engaging in a short, restful sleep in the middle of the road."

Either way, you've got trouble.

Anonymous said...

I've never, ever heard of something like that!! That's ballsy, even for Texas!! Denise

Anonymous said...

Ho. Lee. Crap.