Monday, July 24, 2006

A Texas Writer in King Keillor's Court

My father-in-law George now spends half the year (the hot half) in Minnesota and half the year (the cold half) back in Texas where he was born and raised. His transition from Texan to Midwesterner has had some "interesting" moments, much like my own from geek to Bubba. He recently told me this story that made me laugh, so I thought I'd share it here with apologies to him for the story-rustling.

George was out in the front yard trying to install a tire swing. He threw the rope up over the tree limb several times, only to have it fall back into his hands. He looked up and saw one of the neighbors -- an older gentleman, of proper imperturbable Minnesota stock -- staring at him, clearly wondering what the crazy Texan was up to now. George looked down at the rope, then up into the tree, and finally back to the neighbor.

"Squirrels are hard to rope," he deadpanned.

I think Minnesota's in for a hell of time. Give 'em heck, George!


Denise said...

GREAT story!! Texans are known for roping and riding, and I guess a squirrel might be as close to wildlife as they get in Minnesota!!

annie'sbuddie said...

Go George! We keep trying to shake them up.

My mother was from Mlps & her younger brother & his wife still live there. Every year they come to TX in February to escape the winter & visit the relatives who won't come up there.

We keep trying to feed them & make them laugh & so far have had little success. But we luv 'em anyway.

I figure there is still hope for a populus that will elect Jessie Ventura for governor, and if they can do that surely Kinky has an iceburg's chance in TX.