Saturday, August 19, 2006

Croatian Hawks!

I wanted to post a comment made on an old thread here to the front page because it was so cool. The poster's name was Mario Profaca, and he's from Zagreb, Croatia, yet he stopped by our little corner of the Internet:

Mario Profaca said...

Hi Jeff!
Greetings from ocean away Zagreb, Croatia!
Just thought you might like to see hawk's nest built at my balcony at 20th floor three years ago. Two squadrons of hawks have been born there on my balcony this so called 'wild birds' chosed for their home.
Obviously, there is no Empty Nest Sindrome here!
(Unfortunately, only in Croatian language so far).

Isn't that amazing?! Two gorgeous hawks nesting right under his porch, and he lives literally half a world away. Now when I watch the swallows under the porch, I can't help but think of those hawks and how incredible this thing we call the Internet is at bringing people together.

If you're reading, Mario, THANK YOU for sharing your great story with us!

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Snake Lady said...

Absolutely amazing. In sharing the natural world there is unity - opposites in location or idealogy or even religion can stop and unite in observation and hopefully conservation and preservation of those things "wild"