Tuesday, August 29, 2006

New Definition of "Potty Mouth"

A friend of a friend sent this link, which I reproduce here along with the first user-generated comment on the site, which literally generated a spit-take.

Man gets new tongue made of his buttocks

A Polish man has a new tongue - made out of his buttocks.
Jarislav Ernst, who underwent surgery at the Gliwice General Hospital, is delighted with his new fully functioning tongue.

Doctor Stanislaw Poltorek said: "The new tongue is alive and well-supplied with blood, and the patient is doing well." Mr Ernst's original tongue was removed after it was found to be cancerous.

Dr Poltorek added: "We removed the tumour-filled tongue and then collected skin, fat and nerve tissue from the man's buttocks and modelled that into a new tongue, which we sewed into his mouth."

The first comment left by a user:

Not surprisingly, everything tastes like @!$%#.

You know you can't resist making your own witty puns here, so by all means, please take it to the comments and let 'er rip! Err, come to think of it, maybe that's not the best phrase to use on this particular story ... ahem.


Rob Rogers said...

Will he feel the need to butt into other people's conversations?

Denise said...

I'd watch that guy if he starts licking a hot dog or Lady Fingers with enthusiasm...

Adam Hebert said...

what a tonguehole!

Trey McDonald said...

I was wondering if his best friend is Beavis.

Sharon said...

What a labor saving device - a tongue lashing simultaneously with a butt lashing.