Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Fox and Friends

My boss is going to be on "Fox and Friends" the day after Christmas, which is great for him and the web site he's promoting. Unfortunately, "Fox and Friends" is the most insipid, foolish, irritating, nonsensical farce among the vast array of insipid, foolish, irritating, nonsensical farces we call morning talk shows.

The sets are bad, the hosts are bad, the production is bad, the stories are bad, the patter is bad, the clothing is bad, it has bad lighting, bad acting, bad speaking, bad looks, bad everything, it's just bad bad bad bad bad bad bad.


Well, maybe not THAT bad, but lord it isn't good. Here's just one snippet to give you an idea of what the show's like.

Sadly, this is pretty typical of the kind of irritating, inane nonsense they produce every single day. It's unreal. "The Today Show" is full of idiots talking about idiotic things too, but at least they don't assault the senses with loud, obnoxious music and a cackling flock of loons.


John said...

what, this is worse than The View?

Jeff Hebert said...

That's a good question, because there's no doubt that "The View" is execrable. Comparing relative levels of crapitude is difficult when you've got such a diverse and deserving field, as we do in the morning talk show world. I would argue, however, that "The View" is in a different genre than "The Today Show" or "CBS Morning Show" or "Fox and Friends". "
"The View" is more of a regular talk show, and not really a "morning" show like the others. I'd put it in with "Regis and Kelly" or "Oprah", not so much with morning news programs.

Don't get me wrong, it's really really bad (REALLY bad) but I wouldn't classify it in the same group as those others. It would suck in a different category altogether.

This has been another edition of "Just How Bad Can TV Be?"