Thursday, December 28, 2006

Holiday Annieisms

We're finally back from Baton Rouge and recovered (mostly -- cedar fever is killer). I thought you'd enjoy some of the memorable moments from our trip.

Annie (upon seeing that I had already changed into comfy pants): "I can't believe you got into your pants before I did!"

Me: Did you ever think of getting a pet, Mom?
Mom: I don't think I'd be a good home for a dog at this point. Maybe some day.
Me: How about a ferret?
Mom: No, I don't want a bird.

Me (dropping a kernel of dog food on the floor): Ooops!
Annie: Pick that up! That's how we get roaches, and monkeys!

As you can see, the zaniness runs in the family. How Annie caught it without actually being a blood relative is beyond me.

In any event, we had a great time. I definitely don't get to spend enough time with my family. One consequence of not believing in an afterlife is the corollary that this current life is our only shot at getting it right. For me, that means I need to spend more time with and on the people who matter most to me, something I've been dreadfully remiss about in the past.

My only excuse is trying to deal with that blasted monkey infestation. Those little buggers are hard to catch!


Allen said...

That's just crazy (or, as a teenager I know might say, "That's whack.") Everybody knows that monkeys don't eat dog food. They eat monkey food.

Seriously... cray-z, yo. ;-)

Adam H said...

glad you guys got home safe! it was great to see you again. one of my standout moments this xmas was brennan asking me for a beer while i was talking to blair, jarrod and the adams boys. we told him to ask his dad, so he went inside the house to find jason. he came back 5 seconds later with "he said i could". then chris pointed to the garage and said "your dad's over there!"

Jeff Hebert said...

Adam, that's hysterical! Thanks for sharing it -- Brennan's way too cute for his own good, that kid's gonna be a smooth operator.

And Allen, one of my nephews reported over Christmas that his girlfriend's mother had actually been bitten by a monkey while in India. She was holding some food, and the monkey wanted it. She refused, the monkey bit her, and the food was his.

Monkeys are nasty, bro, never think for a moment that your dog food will protect you from their malevolent greed. Just ask Gorilla Grodd if he'd balk at a little Alpo on his quest for global domination.

Snakey Lady said...

Note to self: Do NOT eat an apple while reading this blog.

I'll write more when I can breathe again
plus I gotta go put dog food on the floor - I always wanted a monkey. It will go nicely with Homer....

Anonymous said...

Adam -- that is a great story about Brennan. And to think Christopher is the one who had the pleasure of the "got-cha." I suppose it's because Chris tried SO many times in his life to get one over on adults that he knows all the ins and outs!! Ah the Hebert mentality -- you know you're really nuts when you actually can follow a conversation from beginning to end, including the meanderings and dead ends, and follow right along with no problem. But I left there with the same feelings, I need to see these people more, and the knowledge that laughter, forgiveness, acceptance and lots of gumbo are the secret ingredients to true happiness!! -- Denise