Tuesday, August 21, 2007

MODAD Gets Bent

With the "most expensive piece of glass on the vehicle" replaced in my truck, the garden hose patched, and the small mower dropped off at the shop for wheel replacement therapy, I turned my attention to repairing the damage wrought both by and to MODAD and discovered why he was so grumpy:

That's what just one day of living the country life can do to high-tech equipment. Let that be a lesson to all you wanna-be Bubba Nerds out there.

I replaced the blade on Saturday, and on Sunday when I went to take MODAD out into the fields to play, he had two flat tires. Apparently he's still grumpy. I reminded him that in the fable, the mouse and the lion become good friends once the thorn is removed, but then I realized MODAD is a Deere. And apparently, deer are a lot less forgiving than lions.


annie'sbuddie said...

Buy MODAD a JD steering knob and get yourself a large bottle of the green tractor tire goo to squirt into the flats. It seals punctures as you drive after re-inflating...unless you have driven over the spiked stubs of shredded cedar trees.

Have I got a deal for you!

Anonymous said...

I've heard it said that Texas trees are tough, but man, you got some dang near tough-as-steel grass, sticks and shrubs on that property!! I've never seen a blade look like that after one day. I think you might need to go back and check the destroyed items on your list. I think you might've missed a couple of things, such as a fire hydrant, a steel hubcab and probably a Hyundai or two. I love the name of your mower!! -- Denise

Rob Rogers said...

Appease MODAD at all costs, Jeff. I worry that otherwise you might find him driving through your bedroom or knocking off your kin. Are you sure that MODAD doesn't include parts from an old 1958 Plymouth Fury?

(This is a Christine reference, in case I'm being to oblique.)