Monday, May 01, 2006

Geekiness is Catching

This weekend I discovered yet another reason to love my wife. We were driving down the highway after coming back from the mall (which is a great way to remind yourself why you moved to the country in the first place -- malls are like teeming urban petri dishes) when we came up to a white Dodge Durango. And my beautiful, wonderful wife, who didn't know who either Michael Jordan or Captain Kirk was when we met, said:

"That kind of car always makes me think of Storm Troopers from Star Wars."

I fell in love all over again.


Jimmy Mac said...

Another great example of why we love that girl!
I see her point on this one, but we so love the "Annie-isms."
Donna & I were just talking about the "SLOW" sign painted on the road.
Hope the rain helped you out some.

Jeff Hebert said...

Thanks Jimmy, good to have you guys back. The rain helped a lot, though we can definitely still use some more.

with sprinkles said...

Ha, that's awesome. I never really thought about it before, but they are Storm Trooperish. You are a lucky, lucky man. My girlfriend fell asleep when I tried to get her to watch Episode IV.

Jeff Hebert said...

Weeeelll, she did fall asleep during the one Harry Potter movie I dragged her to, and she refused to watch any of The Matrix after Neo wakes up in the slime pod, but she makes an effort at least, which I sincerely appreciate. I, in turn, watch Dr. Phil and Oprah every now and then and go to horse & dog shows. So it all works out.

If only they would come out with a super-hero sci-fi movie involving horses and a dog and a touching love story where the protagonists explore their deepest feelings while repelling an Imperial assault, I'd be set :-)

Denise said...

Those SUVs really DO look like Imperial Storm Troopers. Just to show my "geekism," I have the Star Wars soundtrack from the 1970s - black album jacket, liner notes, vinyl record. I saw that movie at least a dozen times -- love it. Now as far as the Matrix -- explain to me why in the first movie, Neo exposes the Matrix but then he's standing on a city street, supposedly in the Matrix. If he defeated the matrix in the movie, then why is he still in the matrix! And you think pantyhose sizes are complicated! But, see I get all the Star Wars science, I understand hyperspace, why Darth Vader was seduced to the dark side and why Ewoks are the either love 'em or hate 'em characters in the series, much like Tribbles in Star Trek. But then again, I understand why Vulcans have no emotions, why there's a need for a being to take on all pain for another and remain mute and why phasers aren't always set to "kill and vaporize." There's no fun in that! Not all of us gals are out of touch with science fiction, and I actually know who Piers Anthony is.