Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Iced In

When the temperature in Central Texas drops below forty, the whole state pretty much shuts down. Readers in the midwest and northeast will find the thought of a bunch of boot-wearin' cowboys hunkering down in fear over a little cold snap amusing, but it's serious business in these parts where we don't have snow tires, adequate cold weather clothing, or any idea whatsoever about how to drive on ice. You might as well put a bunch of steers on skates, you'll get the same results as Texans on icy roads and at least you'll fertilize your rink. We got a "blast of Arctic Air", as the incredibly excited weatherman says -- it's never just a front, it's always a "blast" -- on Sunday night, and the temperature got into the mid twenties along with freezing rain.

Unfortunately there's even worse weather coming on Tuesday, so we braved the elements to bring the donkeys and horses in this morning. Getting the donkeys into the barn is a story in itself (coming soon, especially if, as I expect, it'll be too icy to get to work tomorrow like it was today). But while we were out and about I took a few photos and thought I'd share them with you here.


John said...

Ah, I can hear the pulsating, John Williams-esque music as the graphics explode on KEYE42..."ICE STORM 2007!"...followed by images of red pickup trucks spinning off of highway overpasses. Of course, I guess we snicker at Yankees who don't know what to do about summer weather that gets above 85°.

annie'sbuddie said...

"we snicker at Yankees who don't know what to do about summer weather that gets above 85°."

Especially in December when they are still golfing & haven't been able to open their ski areas yet...and ICE is what they usually ski on!

Here behind the Pine Curtain of SETX we're starting to feel the "blast". Stayed dry last night so that one was a false alarm, but this afternoon the rain started up again & we've got ice hanging off leaves & coating cars.

Fire in the fireplace, dogs on my feet, port in my glass...paradise!

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh here in Houston -- they were predicting 32-degree weather with light precipitation, and the weather front already had its own ominous music, pulsating graphics and weathermen standing outside in parkas and scarves as people proclaimed we should close the school. HELLO??!! Are these the same people who fought to the death in the Alamo? Are these the same people who defend the Texans week after week after week... Are these the same people who personally put Texas A&M University as the Number 1 university in the country for beer consumption?? Bring on that cold winter weather, pardner. We'll just burn some Yankee firewood and keep 'er warm. -- Denise

The Cow Whisperer said...

"Neither rain nor wind, nor sleet nor snow..." shall stop me from mailing my quarterly check to the IRS. Walking to our mailbox is the only time I've been outside these past couple of weeks.

The only traffic on our street pretty much has been a couple of kids on a Radio Flyer.

Cabin fever is rampant here. And something else is too. Deb spent the night puking out of both ends...this may turn out like a blend of "The Shining" and "Alien." Thank goodness for the internet.

JimmyMac said...

I'll never forget the night I got stuck behind the Louisiana Highway Department's "advance team" as one such arctic blast was approaching. For once, the state was anticipating what might happen and actually had all their equipment out the night before. There I was, heading over to a friend's house to have a beer or two (standard storm preparation) when I came around the bend and saw the glorious sight. And what did the great state of Louisiana have to calm the fear of millions of ice-phobic coonasses, you ask?
I knew right then that we Would beat the storm!