Thursday, January 04, 2007


We added a new foster dog yesterday, Mombo (seen here in all his furry glory). He's a bit older than we thought when Annie pulled him from the shelter, and he's very shy. He got sick while in the shelter for a long while, and had to be in isolation which I am sure is no fun at all. We've got him in the house now and he seems pretty comfy. The other dogs have sniffed him up and down and haven't found anything to worry about, which is always a good sign.

It takes a few days or weeks to get a sense of the personality of each dog, but so far Mombo is pretty laid back. Hopefully as he gets more and more comfortable he'll start to open up to us a bit and we can find a good match for him. I sometimes feel like I'm back in my College Admissions Counselor days, trying to find just the right school for just the right kid.

Only, as far as I can tell Mombo's already a lot smarter than some of the high schoolers I interviewed, like the one who asked if Trinity had "a comso ... cosmata ... hair-fixin' school". Yeesh.

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