Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What Country is Your State?

From Pharyngula, a gentleman overseas has labeled each US state with a country that has an equivalent GNP. Pretty interesting stuff, particularly that Texas equates to Canada. I'm fairly sure we have them on cow pie production, though. Take that, Canucks!

(click for a larger image)


Adam H said...

switzerland!! w00t!

Geopoet said...

I think the funniest one is Alabama - them there's fightin words!

John said...

France: wacky leftist socialists
California: Nancy Pelosi
France: wine sipping weenies
California: Paul Giamatti
France: cheese eating surrender monkeys
California: Ah-nuld the Governator

Well, two outta three ain't bad!

Allen said...

Oh sure, Idaho is Ukraine. We've got miles and miles of agriculture and a bunch of abandoned nukes. (Well, I can't talk about the agriculture -- it's a secret.)

-Allen in mos-COE.