Thursday, April 27, 2006

Character Portraits

One of the things I like about playing role-playing games is getting to draw the characters other people have invented. The Uberworld game I am just getting drawn into (Get it? 'Drawn' into?! You can't buy that kind of humor, folks! Of course that's because it doesn't sell, but still ...) has a lot of players and a lot of character concepts, but I've still had the chance to do a number of illustrations that have turned out well. I posted about PING earlier, but I thought I'd share some of my more recent creations below the fold -- just click the button for more.

First up is a logo I did for the science-fiction-ish campaign I'll (hopefully) be joining. I thought this came out pretty good and it looks great on the page. It's not all about muscles, sometimes I design logos too!

Next I designed a banner for the site. I thought it needed something graphical at the top, both to give it a more professional initial appearance and to clearly convey what the site is about.

The character to the right is a shape-shifter, Nightshade, invented by one of the other players. She basically turns into a bat-woman, with big ol' ears and arms that are wings. She's a young mutant, kind of like the characters in the X-Men movies. I liked the whole look of her -- drawing women is not my forte but I think she's sexy and charming.

This character is known as "The Stuntman" and I suspect he was based on a super-heroic version of Jackie Chan. His other identity is Peter Fu, and his creator asked me to do an updated image of him. I think he turned out pretty neat.

Finally, I did a spot illustration that hopefully will be used on the front page at some point. I wanted something that would quickly identify that this is a super-hero site, involving combat, and which is of a very high quality. The super-hero version of the classic "Cowboys and Indians" theme just sort of came out as I was drawing, it wasn't planned. I like it, though.

Anyway, that's what I like to do in my spare time -- draw super-heroes. And lately I've been able to draw a lot more of them, so that makes me happy. Life in Nerdville is good!


Denise said...

Jeff, you are so TALENTED!!! You're great at drawing women -- with a pen -- we can't all be Sean Connery, you know! And I love all the things you drew. That cowboy and Indian one was good, although the PC police would rather you had the Native American standing and the Calvary stooping down. The one of the bat girl is great. I knew a couple of vampire bat girls in my earlier days. They are SUCH blood suckers! Keep it up -- you get better and better, and I am constantly amazed by your talents. And you can cook and shoot snakes, too! The perfect man!!!

Rob Rogers said...

As the lucky recipient of the Stuntman image (thanks, Jeff!) I am very excited at seeing all the tremendous talent you're bringing to our game, and am thrilled just to have this opportunity to see more of your artwork. Thanks!

David M said...

My favorite part is seeing how distinctive you're able to make the characters now. The faces and features especially have gotten more unique over time. Great work, Jeff! (And I finally went back and looked at the drawings from a few months ago. The above comment applies to all of the recent drawings-really, really nice work!)