Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Items in my Truck

The cd cases strewn across the cab are nothing too unusual, and I often had coats and hats and gloves back there even when I lived in the city. Discarded Snickers wrappers, loose change, and my Sirius remote control are relatively new additions, but nothing too out of the ordinary even for an urbanite.

The crushed tailgate from a different truck and the loose spare tire in the back, however, I can only ascribe to my new country life. I imagine it will only be a matter of time before I have a couple of dogs and a broken refrigerator back there.


Denise said...

Let's see -- in my trunk right now, there are two political signs from a race that ended a month ago. In the car are about a dozen empty film canisters, my camera bag, a dozen or so plastic CD cases, a couple of overdue movies, a lot of overdue library books, my briefcase from school, my briefcase from work and my CCE stuff. There's also a few dried-up fries underneath the front seat (saw those when looking for my earring) three or four letters to mail, a few printed out e-mails and, somewhere in three, is probably $10 worth of change. But life is always a mystery when you're driving a cluttered car!!

Jill Phenix Avila said...

my truck is full of estrogen.. seriously.. estrogen pills, estrogen patches made from soy, and me.. so there is tons of estrogen... and uterine models.. everyone needs a uterus you know! The world might be a better place if we all had a uterus ;)