Friday, February 23, 2007

Hobbesian Friday: Soldiers

Now that I am getting older, I realize Calvin is absolutely right -- I think all of us so-called adults are in fact making it up most of the time. We're out here just wingin' it, hoping we're not screwing things up too badly. Life's a lot easier as a kid, when all you've got is black and white.

As far as the substance of this installment, I'm no pacifist. Sometimes violence DOES solve problems, like when someone is coming at you or your loved ones with an intent to kill. Flowers and sunshine wouldn't have beaten Hitler -- there are times when you have no other recourse but the force of arms, and the right thing to do is to fight.

Violence certainly can't solve everything, but it's just as false to claim that it solves nothing.

I should point out, however, that I'm just ACTING like I know what I'm talking about -- that darn Calvin has nailed again!

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sph said...

Oh so true - what grieves me, what keeps me awake at night is that about 150,000 American families are carrying almost the entire burden of the (so-called) war on terrorism. It appears to me only the soilders and their families are requested to do more than be careful what is packed for an airplane flight. I need a job I can do that will make me carry at least my share of the burden of terrorism.