Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Why I Will Never Be President, Part XXVII

I bet if "Osama bin Laden" were on the list, he'd have polled better than atheists, too. What a bummer!

The guy I feel really bad for, though, is that 72 year old, married-four-times, currently dating another man homosexual Black guy, who was raised as a Jewish woman before converting to both the male gender and atheism. That guy is really screwed.


Allen said...

Would you really want the job?

If you can honestly answer "no" to that question, you've got my vote.

Anonymous said...

Anyone atheist who is honest enough to admit it is too honest to make it in national politics! SHEESH, just do like the rest- call yourself a Christian and live like a pig-- or am I insulting the pig population?
Really, though, the depressing thing is the actual process that selects our national officials is so, so flawed. You cannot tell me these are the best leaders the national parties can find. As stated before, misspoken words and beliefs that change over time are not forgiven, nor are personal faults separated from professional ability. One thing I have learned from studying the Old Testament is that people 2500 years ago were able to see that their leaders were flawed humans but that somehow God’s plan still got carried out. In fact, in most cases the “heroes” in the stories were the prophets who publicly called attention to the leaders failings. Today those same prophets are called unpatriotic. Worse than all of that, though, is the fact that what is SAID carries more weight than ACTIONS

Rob said...

Hey, Jeff. I'm curious. Do you happen to read Mark Evanier's blog? Because he had a recent posting with the same poll ( and it just struck me as an interesting coincidence. You had completely different takes on it and all--I was just wondering if two of my favorite bloggers had come across the same poll independently or if one of you read it from the other.

Jeff Hebert said...

Good comments, thanks everyone. Allen, no way in hell would I want to be President, which as Jimmy says is a darn shame -- anyone crazy enough to actually take the job probably shouldn't have it. Good people refuse to run because it's such a horrible process, and then when you actually get in it's almost impossible to do the right thing due to the insane amount of scrutiny you're under and the established special interest groups each defending their turf with billions of dollars and untold man-hours. It's pathetic.

I would like to be able to fly in my very own helicopter, though. That's definitely one thing in the plus column.

Rob, I haven't ever seen that blog before but I will definitely check it out. I cribbed the poll from Andrew Sullivan, I think it was, and neglected to tip the hat to him -- my bad.