Friday, June 15, 2007

The Big Announcement

I've alluded in the past few months that I had a Big Announcement, and today, I can finally make it:

The HeroMachine (and yours truly) have been bought out by UGO Networks, Inc.! I am now working for them full-time as a consultant continuing development on the HeroMachine application..

It's funny, when Annie and I were talking last year about what the ideal situation would be for HeroMachine, I said I'd want three things. First, I'd want a company to buy the program for a chunk of change, so I'd see some kind of tangible, immediate, real-world validation of the years of work that went into it. Second, that said company would be one that understands super-hero entertainment and its fans, and which had the resources to make the program better and better all the time. And finally, the chance to continue working on HeroMachine full-time.

In a stroke of great fortune, UGO has made the dream come true right down to the smallest detail. We have a good history of trust and respect (they're the company that's long hosted the free version of the software), and on top of it I like the guys there a lot -- they're a great group, very honest and authentic in their love for all things gamer related. They're based in New York City (hence my trips there over the last few months), which I thought would be a deal-breaker, but they very generously have allowed me to work right out of my little house in Bertram as a consultant, so that's just about perfect.

Anyway, that's the big announcement I've been hinting at. Thanks for being so patient with the oddness (well, more odd than usual, anyway). I am very, very happy that this opportunity has become available, and every morning I wake up, sit down at the computer, and while I start to work I think to myself "I'm getting paid to draw super-heroes all day. Pinch me!"

Life is good!


John said...

...just tell me they're going to keep that fabulous HeroMachine logo. Whoever did that logo must've really known what he was doing!

Anonymous said...

Lucky dog :) Congrats Jeff, now get back to playing with the new Hero Machine! :D

sph said...

Way to go JH! This could not have happened to a nicer sheep shearer.

You draw 'em.
I'll appreciate 'em.

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Jeff!! We're all so very, very proud of you. Am I in the will? -- Denise

JimmyMac said...

Congratulations Jeff!!
You certainly deserve all that you are getting.
Who would have ever thought that all those years of drawing doodles would actually pay off.

Geopoet said...

That's fantastic news, and well deserved. Your story illustrates that America is still the land of opportunity and dreams for those with talent and courage.

Rob Rogers said...

Woo hoo! Congrats, Jeff. That's awesome!

Adam H said...


Jeff Hebert said...

Thanks everyone!