Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Underrated Henchmen

Dave Campbell of "Dave's Long Box" has a new article up on Cracked that I found hilarious. Titled "The 7 Most Underrated Movie Henchmen", it's well worth a read. Here's the first line:

When you think of great movie henchmen—in other words, villains in the service of other nastier, most likely stupider villains—you probably think of guys like Goldfinger's Oddjob, Jack Palance in Shane, or Art Garfunkel.

How can you not read that?!


Anonymous said...

Loved the site! Wasted an hour at it... really greatworthless stuff that I will remember always while I forget things like my social security number and my own phone number! SHEESH!

John said...

Ditto that. Be sure to check out the "Bat-Battle" article too. Fun-NEE!