Sunday, June 17, 2007

Davids and Goliath

This is our dog, Flash:

He weighs 110 pounds, has wolf in his bloodlines within the last few generations, and has been carefully bred as a representative of a new, but distinguished, breed of dogs.

These are the rescue puppies we have on the ranch, Cookie and Oreo:

They weigh maybe 20 pounds put together, apparently have ferrets somewhere in their bloodlines in the last few generations, and are completely random mutts.

Naturally, Flash is afraid of the puppies.

Sometimes it's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.

Or maybe Flash is just too refined to want puppies licking his face all over. We pretend that's the case anyway, as his dignity would be far too wounded by the suggestion that he's a gutless coward.


John said...

Or, it could be that Flash is, as a previous post described, an introverted asshole. Having become accustomed to his position of comfort and leisure, and being of an age where he feels not the need to suffer fools gladly, perhaps Flash is merely communicating his feelings to these frisky new interlopers:

"You kids get the hell offa my face!"

Anonymous said...

Our cat was about 10 when we brought a new puppy home. The cat would sit on the ottoman, watching this frisky little puppy trying to get the cat's attention. The dog rolled, barked, begged, yipped. The cat sat there just watching. Until one day... the cat reached down, gave that puppy a huge "whap" across the side of the head, and went back to licking his paws as the puppy shook himself off and did it all over again. Perhaps Flash is just waiting for a perfect opportunity.... Denise

Anonymous said...

These dogs look like they have schnauzer in them. It looks like our dog Chelsea's puppies we had several years ago. They are cute!