Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Hellmuthian Gem

Although no one else who reads this blog likes poker, I just had to post a classic line about Phil Hellmuth (aka "The Poker Brat") from the World Series of Poker this year (note how Hellmuth talks about himself in the third person, which I believe was also one of Napoleon's habits):

After Vrabel stole his blinds for the second time Hellmuth said, "Keep stealing. They steal and steal and steal and before you know it, Phil Hellmuth has all the chips. It happens every day. They keep coming trying to take down the best int he world and they end up going broke. You're playing against a world champion."

Vrabel ignored Hellmuth's barbs and jawed back."This is pretty cool. I'm playing at the same table as the greatest player in the world. This is something I'll tell my grandkids. Of course they'll say 'Who is Phil Hellmuth?' because by then everyone will forget about you."

For the uninitiated, Phil Hellmuth actually is the greatest Texas Hold 'Em player in history, as he won his record eleventh overall WSOP bracelet this year. He's also an unbelievable prima dona, given to bratty outbursts berating other players and exulting in his ability to (in his own words) "dodge bullets, baby!". He's essentially the John McEnroe of poker, as legendary for his temper as his ability.

I gotta give Vrabel credit, though, that was a great line. I look forward to seeing it on ESPN when they finally get around to airing the event.

(Thanks to Pauly at the Tao of Poker, who's once again doing an amazing job covering the WSOP, for the quote.)

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