Thursday, September 07, 2006


There appears to be a problem posting comments from registered Blogger users (at least, I can't post using Denise's account). Can anyone else comment here? If you're getting an error message, please e-mail me at

Sorry for the hassle!


annie'sbuddie said...

I'm not a registered blogger, but will give it a try for you.

The snake lady said...

I'm not a registered blogger but I am a registered voter, does that count?

And after careful consideration through several hours of sleep I want to say, "I jes love the new format, what with them numbers and bunches of groups all lumped together. It's jes real nice"

Thank you for your continued efforts in educating me tech-wise and life-wise too!

Anonymous said...

I still can't post under my name. But I'm thinking this must be a communist plot to keep we conservative thinkers from posting on the Internet. Or is that a communist plot to keep Cajuns from posting on the Internet?? Thank you, oh country nerd, for looking into this.