Monday, September 11, 2006

September 11

Everyone else in the blogosphere (and beyond) is memorializing 9/11 in their own way. I feel spectacularly unqualified to do so. But for what it's worth, I think this is a good day for us all to remember what's important in our lives, to reflect on how much our loved ones mean to us, and to appreciate that nothing in our world is permanent. Love with your whole heart every moment of every day, allowing the sure knowledge that all of this will eventually pass to give each instant not a shadowy pall of fear and dread, but rather a keen-edged intensity that heightens our joy.


Anonymous said...

There is a man, Rick Rescorla, who personally made sure all but 6 of the 1,000 Morgan Stanley employees made it out of the World Trade Center on Sept. 11. Rescorla, a Vietnam war veteran, was on the cover of the book "We Were Soldiers." He never got over the fact that soldiers were left behind in Vietnam,and for 30 years, he carried the guilt and horror of war inside his soul until one day in September. Because of his personal courage and refusal to leave anyone behind, 993 employees of Morgan Stanley escaped alive, listening to Rick Rescorla sing "God Bless America" over a bullhorn, encouraging them to act like Americans and get out safely even though the authorities had told them to stay put. One of the ones who didn't make it out alive was Rescorla because he would not leave if just one person was left inside that building. An every-day man making extraordinary decisions under unbelievable circumstances. These are the kinds of people who inspire me. Denise - Here's the link:

Adam H said...

On September 11th this year, i was convinced by a good friend to give the film Loose Change a shot. maybe you guys have heard of it, maybe not. i was very skeptical, and tried my best to think critically while i watched. if you want to check it out i recommend that you keep a similar state of mind, but i believe it's well worth your time.

Having seen it, i feel now that we owe those who died, especially brave people like the above mentioned Rick Rescorla, a more thorough investigation of the 9/11 events.

adam H said...

I found another film if anyone's interested. may not be as hip as Loose Change, being mostly about the science and physics of the 911 attack, but very interesting.