Monday, September 11, 2006

We Make Up Words


fan‧eu‧rysm  /ˈfænyəˌrɪzəm/ [an-yuh-riz-uhm]
a permanent cardiac or arterial dilatation usually caused by weakening of the vessel wall caused by meeting one's celebrity idol.
Usage: "Ohmigod, Becky totally had a faneurysm when she met Brad Pitt!!1!!!"
See Also: fangasm


annie'sbuddie said...

Is that what was going on with Feedback in the final episode of Who Wants to be a Super Hero?
I thought he was going to split a seam out of his costume! Glad he won - he seemed to be the "real" thing.
Have to admit that they lost me during the episode before that one so I just checked the website to see who one & watched the last few minutes online.

Jeff Hebert said...

lol, I think you're right! Feedback was definitely in the grip of a huge faneurysm on more than one occasion on that show. Good catch!