Saturday, September 09, 2006

Great TV Moments

I was reminded in the comments about two of my favorite "Classic TV" moments. Thanks to the miracle of YouTube, I can now bring them to you!

First, from the great "Taxi", we have the "What Does a Yellow Light Mean?" sequence. I remember watching this when it was first broadcast, and I thought my family and I were going to die laughing. Reverend Jim is one of the all-time great TV characters.

The second clip I wanted to share is from "WKRP In Cincinnati". The station plans a Thanksgiving promotion involving the dropping of live turkeys from a helicopter.

The middle part drags a lot more than I recalled, but the very last line (at 5:35) is the one that gets me -- "As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly."



annie'sbuddie said...

Can't wait to get to work tomorrow so I can watch these well as being a WKRP junkie, I loved Taxi, and Barney Miller was another favorite. Then there were the early episodes of Designing Women when they were bold enough to make a statement each week instead of just being ditzy.
Good nostalgia of the days when I enjoyed sit-coms...sorry, I just never "got" Seinfeld. I'm sure it's a genetic deficiency, and I tried but it left me behind.

Jimmy Mac said...

That scene from Taxi has always been one of my favorites. We've told our kids about it before, but now we could show it to them - thanks. I wish I could find Taxi reruns on TV somewhere. Let me know if I'm missing them.