Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Template Change

Blogger has recently released a beta version of their blog publishing software, and of course I couldn't resist switching over. If I were an actual farmer, I'd have genetically engineered pigs, geese, and crops so fast it'd make your head spin -- I just can't resist new toys.

The layout and color of the entire blog is now different; Blogger has made it very easy to switch templates and to add new features. All of the content should be the same, though by all means, if you see something missing you want to have back, just let me know. This does not include missing personal items of yours, only things that go on this blog. No, I don't have that missing sock, quit asking me about it!

The biggest missing piece thus far is the "Read More" functionality I used to have, so you didn't need to see a whole post if you didn't want to. I'll try to figure that out ASAP.

The other cool new feature, though, is labels. This will allow me to tag each entry with a keyword or two for easier grouping and sorting. So for instance, if you wanted to see all the posts I've made about horses, you could just click on that link and you'd see only those. I'll post more about all that when I learn how to use it (I'm still learning myself).

Thanks to everyone who's stopped by since I started publishing, and especially to those who take the time to make a comment (even short ones). I like learning about what different people think about various topics of interest to me, and it's always enlightening to get a different perspective. I thank everyone who's been willing to share their insights, as well as those who just like reading (you're important too!).

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