Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Happy Endings

I apologize for the lack of posts this week. Real life has been kicking my butt -- an ongoing HeroMachine custom project that's due in December has been taking most of my free time, but I've also been in talks with two other companies about integrating HeroMachine technology with their games, and Expert Village has been going like gangbusters too.

Of course, we continue the really important work of dog rescue unabated as well. Or at least, Annie does, and sometimes I lift heavy things. We each do what we can.

Tyler, aka "Brownie"

Dallas, aka "Blackie"
The hardest part of animal rescue besides having to leave behind so many you can't save, is letting go of the dogs you grew to love while you were fostering them. Every now and then, though, you get a great message from the new family and it's all worthwhile. We recently got updates on "Blackie" (now known as Dallas) and "Brownie" (now known as Tyler -- apparently people here just love Texas city names). These were two of the three pups all brought in together a few weeks back who I blogged about. They're both with loving families now, and their new partners were kind enough to send us pictures.

Dog rescue sometimes feels like the old story about the kid on the beach, rescuing starfish one at a time. You know you can't rescue them all, but you try to help those you can. It's nice when, from time to time, the starfish (or at least their families) write back to tell you that yes, they made it after all.

Darn nice, actually.


Anonymous said...

Those are wonderful endings!! Many kudos to you and Annie especially!


Anonymous said...

A hearty kudos to you, indeed. My wife and I have been forstering dogs for several months now. Who knew those little buggers could be so destructive/expensive?! But we love dogs and know the joy that having them around can bring to a family, so all the puke-stain cleaning, poop-pick-ups, chewed objects and expense for food and grooming supplies is well worth it. On behalf of our canine friends, thanks for what you do.