Friday, November 10, 2006

Oh. My. Spidery. Goodness.

The trailer for the new Spider-Man 3 movie is out. And all I can say is, wow. I feel all funny in my secret place where I'm not supposed to let anyone touch, that's how excited I am about this movie. It looks unbe-freaking-lievably cool.

Spidey's nemesis this time is Sandman, a flowing shape-shifting classic villain from the early days of the comic book. It looks like they're also throwing in the "Venom black costume" plotline of the more recent Spider-Man incarnation AND yet a third element with the Green Goblin's son coming back finally for revenge. I'm a little worried that too much is going on, but I have full faith and confidence in the creative team -- they've delivered two absolutely fantastic movies so far and if anyone can pull it off, they can.

It's amazing to me now, having grown up with super-heroes as a bit of a joke, that they are so mainstream and popular. Even Dungeons and Dragons has become socially acceptable in the form of World of Warcraft. What's a nerd have to do nowadays to be an outcast, I wonder, and how long will it be before THAT takes over the world of popular culture?


Reel Fanatic said...

Don't worry .. Dungeons and Dragons is still a realm for ubergeeks .. as for that trailer, I don't think there's a finer superhero flick than Spidey 2, but now I'm growing more confident the next one will be even better

Anonymous said...

This looks AWESOME! Having just sat through three "Star Wars" movies (4-6 -- thank God for Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford who had decent dialogue), I am pumped and ready for this movie!! I remember the last time I went to see Spiderman and the teens in front of us were in total awe because I knew the creator of Heromachine. And when I called Jeff, they could not believe they were talking to you. Picture that scene where Wayne and Garth are bowing down saying, "We're not worthy, we're not worthy." Thanks for the trailer on SM3! - Denise

Adam H said...

i'm going to wrap my head in duct tape before i see this movie, because i think my head is going to explode!