Friday, April 27, 2007

Hobbesian Friday: Bad Polling Edition

Last month I predicted that Bush's approval numbers in polls would go up to 41% by September due to Democrats having taken control of the Congress. We've still got a long ways to go till then, but so far one month later I'm looking every bit as wrong as I predicted I'd be:

President George W. Bush's job performance rating has sunk to a new low, with only 28 percent of U.S. adults viewing his job performance positively. In a new Harris Interactive Poll, seven out of ten adults view Bush's job performance negatively, including 48 percent who say his job performance is poor. This is down significantly since February, where 32 percent viewed his job positively, and 67 percent viewed it negatively.

I'm not very good at math, but I'm pretty sure going from 32% to 28% is getting further away from my predicted 41%, not closer. And like Calvin's dad, I suspect the decline has a lot to do with something Bush has actually done. Iraq and continued corruption charges for members of his administration aren't in the same league as flooding the basement, but then again, I don't see Laura making him skip desert either.

On one hand, it's nice that I continue to be wrong; if I were suddenly right about something it would upset the natural balance of the universe and the Earth might spin off its axis into the sun, which would be a real bummer. On the other hand, it's gotta suck to be either the President or Calvin's dad right about now.

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