Wednesday, April 25, 2007

VaTech Blame Game Scorecard

I was in the middle of writing this great post about how many different things have been "blamed" for the Virginia Tech tragedy, but then I discovered that "Cynical-C Blog" beat me to it, and did a better job, to boot.

So instead, I'll just point you there. Here are a few of my favorites, though:

It’s either the fault of violent video games, or the cowardly students who didn’t rush the shooter, secularism, or Muslims and/or foreigners, or Atheists, or it’s society’s fault, or the Liberals, or maybe it’s pedophilia, homosexual couplings and adulterous behavior’s fault (not sure if he means all at the same time or separately), or capitalism, or the Chinese, or Simon Cowell, or Bill Gates, or possibly it’s the fault of trauma induced mind control by a military industrial complex, or because colleges have co-ed dorms and/or students who major in English, or the GOP, or the Democrats, or it could be the fault of Markos from Daily Kos, or Charlton Heston, W, or vaccines, or schools teaching that the theory of evolution as fact, or the school’s architecture.

But come on, you know it's the fault of the Jews. Isn't everything?

I think Ed Brayton put it best, though:

Let me tell you who is to blame for this: the guy pulling the trigger. That's it. End of discussion. One crazed psychotic who decides it's time to go postal is going to find a clock tower to shoot from and people to shoot at, and it doesn't matter how many laws we pass against it. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to visit the clue store.

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Anonymous said...

Where to begin???

The one that really gets me, and yet didn't surprise in the least was blaming teaching the theory of evolution. I especially like this quote:

The creationist continues explaining his premise. "And so what happens? If we are nothing but thinking animals, [and] if you have excess people, then you can just put them in a bag, throw them in the river the way you would too many kittens or too many puppies."

"Like" as in WTF! This supposedly "good Christian" apparently thinks it's perfectly acceptable to drown kittens and puppies! Because they don't have souls I suppose. Never mind all the studies showing serial killers often start of killing small animals. JFC! What kind of a sick animal is this guy?