Thursday, February 09, 2006


Photo courtesy Hope Davidson
From the "That's Gotta Hurt" Department, I present this photo of my nephew, John Davidson. John recently ran in his first marathon. While waiting in the starting area, a more experienced runner next to him glanced over and asked "Is that a new T-Shirt?" "Yes," answered John, "Fresh from the store, why?" The man just shook his head.

26 miles and 2 bloody nipples later, John now knows why you don't wear a brand new T-Shirt while running a marathon.


Jill Phenix Avila said...

ouch!! I guess sports bras help women but I can only imagine... yikes!!

Denise said...

We former nursing mothers can commiserate with John every step of the way!! But congrats to him and Benji for a great race!

annie'sbuddie said...

So along time ago a soccer buddie of mine was running her first 10K & while she was standing around warming up & waiting for things to start a guy engaged her in pre-race conversation. After they talked a bit he pulled a jar of Vaseline out of his sports bag opened it up & held it out to her. She put a bit on her finger & applied it to her lips and then stood aghast as he got a fistfull & applied it to his inner thighs & above! I think that might have also been her last 10K.

John said...