Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Tribble With Donkeys

Sparky the Donkey :: Photo courtesy of Cousin Jill

I love our mini donkeys. Something about them just connects with me ... I love how calm they are (most of the time), the serene way they approach life, the courage they show in facing down creatures ten times their size. I love how they line up in order of height to get fed or petted, as if a second grade teacher somewhere is haranguing them ("Get in line, GET IN LINE! Sparky, move over, make room there!").

Not only are they incredibly cute, they're also very stealthy. A good friend who we haven't seen for years came over yesterday and he put it well:

The donkeys are kind of like those Star Trek creatures, the Tribbles. You don't see them move but before you know it you're surrounded.

You walk into the field and you can see them in the middle distance, staring at you wide-eyed as if they're thinking "What the hell is THAT thing?!". You look away and when you turn back, one of them is standing a few feet away. Moving slowly, you reach out a hand and it smells you, then moves in closer.

After petting it for a minute, you look up and there are suddenly three of them right there next to you, lips quivering, wondering what you're up to. You twist and turn to pet them all and the next thing you know there's a donkey snout up your bum from another one having walked up. Within moments, without ever seeing one move, there are seven of them surrounding you, gently requesting some attention.

At no point do you see any of them move their legs, they just appear where they want to be, quiet as a church mouse. I suppose when you're a Very Small Creature, you have to be careful and deliberate about these things. Whether they move by stealth or by transporter technology, though, I'm just glad they're here. I love those little guys.


Bob the Consultant said...

I vote alien technology myself, cause I looked closely... REAL closely; and the smallest donkey made up, like - 150 yards in the few seconds as I got distracted by being Butt Ramed (didnt know such a thing existed) but Shrek's sidekick. APPARENTLY, I was not shairing the love enough. Of course Leann has the same ability I noticed. OMG... my friends are aliens! Scully? Mulder? Where are you?

the lair of the Evil DM said...

Krondak should have a Mini Donkey, named daffodil. that would be cool.

Jill Phenix Avila said...

yes we small things move very stealthy through life.. ;)
Donkeys are the true equine, they know how to stay dry, warm, and fat yet they are cute in every way.

The Cow Whisperer said...

Okay, I've been getting a kick out of reading this blog by a nerd who's been deposited out in the country....but now I'm getting a little scared. Judging from the illustrations that I've been looking at, along with comments about alien technology and someone named "Krondak," well....I fear that I could be mistaken for a nerd as well - just for cavortin with you fellers on this blog. DAMN! Someone pass me the pouch of Red Man!!!

Jeff Hebert said...

Cow Whisperer Said:
I fear that I could be mistaken for a nerd as well - just for cavortin with you fellers on this blog.

Ah yes, "Geek By Contact" is a well-known phenomenon. Don't be worried, though, you can alleviate it simply by entering the nearest strip club.