Sunday, February 12, 2006

Why You Don't Name Pets After Relatives

Annie: Wow, Jill's nipples are really engorged!
Me: ::blink::
Annie: No, not COUSIN Jill, DONKEY Jill!
Me: Phew!


annie'sbuddie said...

Almost all of ours are named after Paul's relatives. The Dals he had when we got married were Homer & Lacy - some KY cousins. He fondly called them Hoot & Boob - some other cousins' nicknames. Then there was his rescue GSD named Dolph who was the guy that Lacy "runnoft" with.

Currently we have the Shiloh Shepherd trio of Carrie, Ben & Dempsey. He had Carrie's name picked out before we had the dog - "HarryCarry". A male would have been called Harry in honor of Harry Carey, but we got a female so called her Carrie in honor of his favorite aunt.
Ben is named after the grandfather that he lived with in KY for a while as a young boy.
Dempsey is named for aunt Carrie's daughter whose father had picked the name out (Jack Dempsey) for the son that she didn't turn out to be.
The only one not named for a family member is TruckDog (aka YotaDog) who is the foster we didn't name when we rescued her 7 years ago.
My family is pretty safe - who'd name their dogs Alvin or John or Tom or Margaret or Jean or Douglas or Patricia or any of the likes of those anglonoms.

Jill Phenix Avila said...

I actually helped name her Jill so it's all good with me that I have a donk named after me... I will be even more excited if she is preggers with my donkey's baby.. =)

TexasAnnie said...

Hey Honorary Cowgirl from Houston -- are you serious about the Hoot and Boob thing? Does that sound like the name of a great take off on a cop show or what?
We do have a dog named Lacy here . . .but no known family member has that name. I have some names for some family members but I do not think my dogs would like to be called by them. Wait! Strike that! Erase this! Erase!

TexasAnnie said...

Another thing about Jill, she has a huge butt! And she is rather hairy as well. In spite of all that she is very cute and very pregnant. And I AM talking about Donkey Jill here and not cousin Jill.

annie'sbuddie said...

Now texasannie, if you are going to call me by my Native American name, be sure it's correct - Honorary Cowgirl Without a Horse - afterall you're the one that came up with it!
For real about Hoot & Boob. It's what the "Dixon boys" were called & it apparently stuck for life. At this point Paul can't even recall their real names...but I was mistaken about them being cousins - they were not.