Friday, February 03, 2006

Once a duck ...

I had my most surreal country experience while driving to a (very) small town outside of Austin to interview for a job. I knew nothing about the town of Taylor, but I started getting a feel for it on the drive in as I passed a meat-packing plant featuring a line of cows going in one door and trucks packed with packaged meat pulling away from another.

As I drove down the main street, I came to a banner hanging above the road. It was the kind of banner you see in small towns advertising an upcoming festival or somesuch. This one had no identifying markers on it at all, no "Kiwanas Club Presents!" or "City of Taylor Says!" or the like. No, all it had written on it, in very large, very red letters, was the simple message:


This bit of country Zen has stayed with me for lo these many years. Once a duck always a duck, indeed, my friend. Indeed.

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Jill Phenix Avila said...

hey jeff... DUCK!!!! whew that was a close one