Friday, March 09, 2007

Great Comic Book Weapons

For a great Friday chuckle, head to Cardboard Monocle and its list of the Top 20 Comic Book Weapons of all time. I'll put my favorite one below the fold, because it's extremely juvenile and likely to offend those with good taste. I have never been accused of having good taste except when it comes to my choice of wife, fortunately, so I'm going to post it anyway.

3 - The Bowel DisruptorTransmetropolitan

Spider Jerusalem’s weapon of choice, even beating out a good old-fashioned boot to the groin. The Bowel Disruptor does pretty much exactly what it sounds like it would with settings that include:

Shat Into Unconsciousness
Unspeakable Gut Horror
Rectal Volcano
And last but certainly not least, Burning Anal Geyser.

While I don’t think the BD is powerful enough to kill, what it actually does might be worse. Much Worse.

Yes, it's immature. And yes, it makes me laugh. I'm a guy, sue me.

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