Friday, March 02, 2007

Why I Love "Get Fuzzy"

I read my comics every day on the Houston Chronicle site. It lets you customize your comics page with only the ones you want to read, so you never have be subjected to another vapid "Family Circus" again if you don't want to be.


I added "Get Fuzzy" on a bit of a whim after seeing it recommended by the Comics Curmudgeon, and I am very glad I did. Here's just one example of why:

(Click for a larger, more readable version.)

This sums up the dynamic in our household perfectly for two of our dogs. Mia is the happy but oblivious food-obsessed beige dog, while her much smarter and subtly malign friend/nemesis is Echo the border collie. I suspect Echo, like Bucky the cat in this strip, carries around some sort of device for recording her masterful plans and plots the overthrow of her dim-witted compatriots.

"Get Fuzzy" provides this kind of dark, snarky, twisted fun on a daily basis and I'm very glad it's part of my comics page. Plus it confirms what we all know -- cats are secretly evil and plotting to overthrow us. I'd say more, but I think the tabby across the street is on to me and I don't want to --

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Denise said...

'Get Fuzzy' is by far my favorite, favorite comic strip. The details are in the drawing, and I just love the evil Bucky!