Friday, March 23, 2007

An Upcoming Bush Bounce

I generally avoid discussing politics here because, let's be honest, I don't know squat about politics. But I am going to go out on a limb and predict that President Bush's approval ratings will improve over the next 6 months from the currently abysmal low 30's to the still bad but not epic upper 30's/low 40's.

I say that because the Democrats now control the Congress, and so can actually start doing things rather than being forced to just flap their gums. That will give President Bush the opportunity to attack everything they do, and if there's one thing Republicans love, it's attacking liberals. It's practically the entire party platform. If they had a "Make a Liberal Look Like an Idiot" show on television it would have huge ratings.

Oh, wait, they already have that -- it's called "Hannity & Colmes". My bad.

In fact, I will go so far as to say the foundation of the Republican Party is not lower taxes, smaller government, banning abortion, or "defending marriage". It is now, and has been since I've been of age, simply this:

Hating Liberals.

Now the enemy is once again on the radar, and the Liberal Bashing can begin. That will whet the bloody appetite of the fiercer partisans, and bring them back to the fold. You can tell this is true because I have the same qualifications as the guys who get on cable television to analyze this stuff -- none. Not knowing jack squat guarantees me a spot on some 24 hour news channel show. I'm not saying I could make one of the biggies like The O'Reilley Factor or Countdown, but maybe something like The Glenn Beck Show or Paula Zahn, who are desperate for someone -- anyone -- to book as a guest.

Remember, you read it here first -- Bush at 41% by September. You can trust me because I'm ignorant.


Acroamatic said...

I'm going to add a comment not because I pathologically make political comments, but because you don't have one on this wonderful post, yet. You're right about the bounce! But, the president will get the bounce because (1) he's right on Iraq and the public who care know it, and (2) people will be fed up with the Congress' senseless negativity and indecision. The new Congress has yet to act on anything in a constructive manner, except to add enormous amounts of (now) well-publicized pork to bills they can't seem to agree on anyhow. This group, to take the cynical view, is nothing if not completely detached from reality. Given what they've accomplished, I guess we should be thankful that's all they are.

Jeff Hebert said...

That's certainly possible, and it'll surely be how the White House spins the numbers (if that's the way they fall). The key metric of course will be to see where the increase comes from. If independents move more towards approval, I think that will be a good sign for the President that it's his policies that are driving the uptick. If it comes primarily from Republicans, however, I would say that is most likely due to their happiness with the liberal-bashing.

Of course numbers are always open to interpretation, which is one reason I spit on them. Spit, I say!!