Sunday, March 04, 2007

It's Springing!

Annie and I took a walk around the hundred acres yesterday and I brought along my fancy new telephoto lens. I'm glad I did, because signs of the winter finally being over are everywhere. Below the fold I present some of the first photographic evidence that Spring has indeed begun to Sprung. Sprong. Sprang? Whatever, shut up and look at the photos. (Jeez, everyone's an editor!)

This is one of the first flowers we've seen this year, having just come up in the last couple of days. The rest of Central Texas saw greenery poking tentatively up a couple of weeks ago, but around here we're only just now seeing the signs.

The neighbor's goat barn is just over the fence from our place, and we saw two new kids that must have been born just an hour or so earlier. This one wasn't even walking yet, and its mother obviously was encouraging it. A little brother or sister was on the other side of the tractor seen here, and still had some birth blood on its flank. I can almost hear the little baby thinking "Is that giant rubber and metal thing my daddy?"

Newborns aren't exclusive just to the herbivores around here, of course. The Anatolian Shepherd guard dog that protects the herd also had a puppy. I got a great shot of him here with my new zoom lens. He looks pretty ferocious, doesn't he?

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