Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Heroes in Bertram

Over Thanksgiving this past year we had my new mother-in-law and her family out to the ranch for the big feast. They came from Seattle, Miami, and Hollywood, which was pretty amazing. Considering how much culture shock there is for me coming from Austin to Bertram every day, I can only imagine the kind of cognitive dissonance we unleashed on those poor people.

While combing through the hard drive I came across this photo John Lacy (the one from Hollywood) took of his son Luke, out in the pasture with the donkeys. I like the way the donkeys are standing in almost a herringbone pattern, and the way Luke's bright blue shirt stands out in the yellow grass.

The other cool thing about John (besides that he was a really nice guy and has a wonderful wife and kids) is that he's an actor (here's his IMDB entry), and shortly after coming out to the house he appeared in an episode of my favorite TV show, "Heroes"! I bet the donkeys were hoping they'd get invited for a guest appearance, but apparently Hollywood's got enough asses already to last a while. Oh well, they'll probably be just as happy eating grass.

The other great moment during the visit came from granddaughter, Allison, who's from Miami. She walked out the door after the sun went down, looked up into the sky and, with mouth agape, said "Where did all those stars come from?!" I hope John wasn't offended that she meant the ones in the heavens and not the one from Hollywood, but sometimes being out in Nerd Country has that affect on people.

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